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Simon Martel


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Ultra-Trail, Trail

  • Participation in the Ultra-Trail 160km relay in Bromont

  • Participation in the Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada (UTHC) 80km

Montérégie, Québec

Simon Martel has always been a very athletic person.

He has been riding a road bike since the age of 16, but it was really running that, 5 years ago, changed his lifestyle.

Two years later, Simon discovered the world of Ultra-Trail by chance, thanks to a friend who had invited him to a 160km relay in Bromont.

As a result of this experience, it became impossible for him to leave the mountain and he only wanted to spend as much time there as possible.

Last year, Simon got the chance to compete in the Ultra-Trail Harricana du Canada (UTHC) 80km competition. “This experience really made me push myself and see how far my body can take me,” says Simon.

For the coming year, the athlete plans to run at the Trail La Clinique Du Coureur (40km), the new Harricana course (42km in the wild) and, finally, the Bromont Ultra (80km).

Given the uncertainty surrounding the organization of events for the coming season, Simon Martel is considering either a wild expedition in the Monts Groulx in June, or a 5-day hike with a compass map, or perhaps even attempting an FKT ("Fastest Known Time") if time permits. If there is any certainty, it is that Simon will continue to do road biking and cross-country skiing in cross-training, for fun, with friends!