Altitude Energy Boosts made by L'Érable du Grand-Duc are made of Canadian Maple syrup and is 100% all natural energy. Ginger and Himalayan Pink Salt have been added to the maple syrup to provide a great taste and multiple additional benefits. Ginger will help you reduce inflammation and chances of an upset stomach during your work out. Himalayan Pink Salt is used to prevent muscle cramps and increase your hydration. These 40g resealable individual pouches will provide you with what you need for your next physical activity.


You will be "Powered by Maple"!





  1. Maple Syrup is easily absorbed in our system and then used by our muscles during exercise.
  2. Nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients found in maple syrup fights inflammation.
  3. Maple Syrup help people sustain intense workouts.​​
  4. Compared to cane sugar or artificial sugar, the sucrose in maple syrup is 100% natural.​
  5. Maple syrup has less of an acidic taste than a commercial sports drink.
  6. Pure maple syrup is vegan and contains no colouring, additives, gluten, or processed sugars.​
  7. Maple Syrup is rich in polyphenols which can prevent and fight chronic inflammation. Polyphenols are also known to benefit the immune system.


Altitude Energy Boost - Unit

  • -18 ° C.

    Even getting your energy up during your outdoor workouts won't be a problem this winter. Your maple syrup in your Altitude energy boosts will not freeze, rather it will become a little thicker at -18 ° C. Try this with water or other unnatural gels!