Powered by maple: ALTITUDE is the ultimate energy gel, made to boost performance and endurance for all of us who love running or cycling, or any high energy sport.


Healthy 100% natural ingredients: Pure Canadian maple syrup from Québec, ginger and Himalayan pink salt. Organic. Vegan. Gluten free. Caffeine free. No additives. No preservatives. No coloring.


Energy booster on the run: Our energy gel is carefully designed to fuel athletes with an optimum mix of simple carbohydrates from maple syrup and electrolytes from Himalayan pink salt. Carbohydrates in maple syrup are slow burning and supply spike-free energy to your muscles over a longer period of time. Replenish electrolytes that you lose while you sweat to help prevent dehydration. Ginger is added to ease digestion and give it an even more delicious taste. A winning combination!


No mess pouches: No mess 40g resealable individual pouches; contains 24 pouches in a handy ecological bag that you can re-use when shopping for fruit and vegetables.


Cold weather friendly: Maple syrup will not freeze in cold temperatures. Pouch conveniently fits in your pocket.





  • Maple Syrup is easily absorbed in our system and then used by our muscles during exercise.​
  • Nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients found in maple syrup fights inflammation.
  • Maple Syrup help people sustain intense workouts.​​
  • Compared to cane sugar or artificial sugar, the sucrose in maple syrup is 100% natural.​
  • Maple syrup has less of an acidic taste than a commercial sports drink.
  • Pure maple syrup is vegan and contains no colouring, additives, gluten, or processed sugars.​
  • Maple Syrup is rich in polyphenols which can prevent and fight chronic inflammation. Polyphenols are also known to benefit the immune system.


Altitude Energy Boost - 24 pack

  • -18°C.


    Even getting your energy during your outdoor training sessions won't be an issue this winter. Your Maple Syrup Altitude Energy Boost will not freeze solid, it will rather just become thicker at -18°C. Try that with water or other non natural gels!