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Joanie Roy


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Marathon, Half Marathon

  • Participation in several half-marathons

  • Qualifying for the 2019 Boston Marathon on first participation

  • Other sports activities: cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, road cycling, wakesurfing, golf

Bas-St-Laurent, Québec

Originally from Gaspé, Joanie Roy grew up in Rimouski where she has practiced as an orthodontist for 10 years.


As far back as she can remember, Joanie has always practised a lot of sports: first in the sport-study program at the age of 10, then until the end of high school, in various sports such as as figure skating, tennis, golf and basketball.


She is grateful that her parents gave her this opportunity, as she believes that sport is the best way to motivate and prepare our brains to study. In fact, Joanie believes it was the balance between an active life and school that got her through these not always easy eight years of college.


In 2008 in Toronto, during her specialty program in orthodontics, she fell in love with long distance races. Despite the fact that Joanie was already running long before, this is when running took a lot more place in her life and it has not changed since.


A few years later, in 2019, after competing in several half-marathons, she took on a new challenge and qualified for the Boston Marathon in her very first participation in this distance.


In the winter, Joanie also enjoys cross-country skiing and alpine skiing and is part of an adult synchronized skating team.


In the summer, if she's not running, you might see her on a road bike, wakesurf board, or golf course.


Mother of two little girls, it is important for this athlete to integrate sport into her daily life and to introduce them to several sports. She also tries to teach them that with a lot of discipline and willpower, we achieve great things and, in the end, we are our only limit ...