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Jacques Aubin


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Trail, Ironman Triathlon, coach, organizer, speaker

  • World Ambassador for the Tor des Géants

  • Organizer of the Défi Entreprises Montréal

  • Founder of "Actif au Boulot", and of the ‘’Courir, jouer, grandir’’ program

  • President of TopChrono Events

  • Multiple certifications, particularly as a physical trainer, injury preventionist in running, cycling and Sports & Fitness Nutrition trainer

Laurentians, Québec

Born in Montreal, Jacques Aubin discovered at a young age the pleasure of running. At school, he joined the Cross Country team and participated in several races that would lead him to running in the woods, in the countryside of his childhood. Like many people, Jacques would then become more sedentary and eventually, unfortunately, morbidly obese.

In a desire to change his life, he decided, in October 2009, to make big changes and transform his body of 415 pounds (190 kilos) into that of an athlete of 190 pounds (87 kilos). His determination saved his life, but for Jacques, losing 225 pounds (103 kilos)  was just the beginning. He decided to finish his studies, changed careers and focus his work based on his values of humility, accessibility, integrity and respect. "Changing your life is more than physical, it is also in the heart and in the head".

Since 2012, Jacques has obtained several certifications to help people regain control of their health through physical activity. “At first it was for my personal knowledge, then I decided to use what I had learned to guide people even better.Here is an overview of his qualifications:

Running trainer certification;
Physical trainer certification;
Preventionist in running injuries;
Certified + from La Clinique du Coureur;
Class 1 cycling certification;
Indoor cycling certification (spinning) 1-2;
Sports & Fitness Nutrition Certification.

Jacques has therefore become a runner, a highly effective coach and a professional speaker.

He participates annually in several road races, in Trail, and in several Ironman-type triathlons.

An incredible motivator, Jacques has a unique energy and attracts the attention of the greatest race organizers. To this end, he is the World ambassador for the Tor des Géants for the next 5 years, a race in which he will participate, determined to complete the distance of 330 km. “I was chosen for this role not for my qualities as a runner, but for the message I carry with my story:“Anything is possible!”.

As the organizer of the Défi Entreprises Montréal, Jacques mobilized thousands of people to become more physically active and prioritize their health. Today, he is the founder of Actif au boulot, a company whose mission is to change people's lifestyles through physical activity and better daily habits. Through training, conferences and training directly in their workplace, Jacques succeeds in influencing many people, in collaboration with employers in the Laurentians.

As the founder of the “Courir, jouer, grandir” program, Jacques is dedicated to teaching the joys of being active to the children and adults who participate in the program in their school, business or community. Jacques is also president of TopChrono Events, promoters of accessible running events to keep people moving.

Supported by a very large sports shoe and clothing company, Jacques in turn supports various organizations by giving children access to quality shoes for their activities. “My job is not just to make people run, but also to make them move forward.”