Constance Lefebvre


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Marathon, Certified Coach

Montérégie, Québec


ALTITUDE is proud to introduce you to their new Ambassador; Constance Lefebvre‼ 


Constance revealed to us that she has never really been into sports. But one day, as a mother of 3 young children and an entrepreneur, she decided to take care of her own health.


She couldn't imagine how such a decision would change her life. She went from being sedentary to working out at home, then tried running and literally fell in love with it.

A few months later, she had a seizure which led to her hospitalization where it was discovered that she had two blood vessel malformations in her left frontal lobe. She needed surgery as soon as possible, and she had to put her life on pause. 


During recovery, she could only think of one thing: running. She had to start over, but now she had a thirst for a more thorough life without fear.


A few months later, she ran her first half marathon. One year later, her first marathon. She then became a fitness coach as well as a certified running coach and personal coach. Her life now revolves around running. She wants to share her passion for the sport and her healthy lifestyle through social media and in person.


Running is not just a sport, it's a way of life, a philosophy, an attitude. It's a positive world, full of discipline, determination and self-achievement, but also a growing community with a shared passion: running while having fun.


Constance, we are very proud to have you on our team, a beautiful adventure has begun!