Marc Hallé has been a member of the Canadian Army Reserves, a part time firefighter and is currently a police officer for one of the largest police services in Canada. He has been a police officer for over 11 years and during his career suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Marc found that running was one of the best ways for him to cope with stressful situations and found physical activity to be a large part of his recovery. 


Marc has a passion for trail and road running and during one of his half-marathons, he remembers eating a free energy boost offered during a race but he especially remembers its disgusting taste! 


During spring of 2019, Marc started making small quantities of his own maple syrup and called it L'Érable du Grand-Duc. He became somewhat obsessed with maple syrup and eventually thought it would make a great 100% natural substitute to most energy boosts/gels offered on the market.


In late 2019, Marc officially created his business; L'Érable du Grand-Duc which led to the development of his first Energy Boost called, ALTITUDE. Once you start using ALTITUDE, you'll be powered by 100% Canadian Maple Syrup. This product is made for amateurs like Marc just as much as for professional athletes.


Having PTSD recovery of our Canadian veterans and Canadian First Responders at heart, Marc pledges to offer to the Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Ribbon Society and Wounded Warriors Canada, a portion of the profits made by L'Érable du Grand-Duc on a yearly basis. Both these Canadian organizations have great resources to assist those in need, including their families. Click on the images below to learn about their services and online stores. 

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